Online shopping

Apple website

I just changed the credit card on file with my Apple account and was somewhat alarmed to see “Processing your payment” appear on screen as it validated the card settings! ┬áBit of a bug, that, given I wasn’t buying anything.

And then, just to make things better, it forwarded me onto the Brazil Apple store site rather than the UK store I started at.

Good to see they’re testing that so well, then.

Amazon needs a Doctor

You’d have thought by now that would understand how to parse people’s names. They probably have hundreds of millions of them on record, so you’d think they’d understand which bits are which.

But no. Today I’m looking at Amazon’s Gold Box Deals page on and what do I see? ┬áThis:


Oh. Dear. Amazon thinks my title, Dr, is my first name. I only typed that in in the first place to match my credit card details!